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EXACT helped us to streamline our administrative processes and work more efficiently

Dr Jan Einfeldt, Clinical Director & Principal Dentist, Staplehurst Dental Practice

Dr Jan Einfeldt is the clinical director and principal dentist at Staplehurst Dental Practice, Kent, and has a special interest in the practice and teaching of cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic orthodontics in the UK and internationally. Jan has been using EXACT from Software of Excellence for over 14 years and has seen his practice benefit, both clinically and operationally, through their use of the software.


What made you chose EXACT as your practice management system?

When we first took the decision to change our practice management system I was concerned about moving from traditional paper records to a computerised system, as I thought this would be a very complicated process. However, I needn’t have worried. EXACT is a modular-based system so you can move into computerisation at your own pace. We started with a relatively basic system and as we became more confident and learnt more about the programme we expanded and added more features and modules. By adopting this approach, the team learned faster and we were all able to understand EXACT’s capabilities.

What are the benefits of EXACT?

The EXACT dental practice management software helps us to streamline our administrative processes and work more efficiently, which is not only a benefit to the practice but also to our patients. Innovative communication techniques make it easier to stay in contact with patients, and because EXACT is such a great business tool, it helps us to monitor all aspects of the practice’s performance, so we can get an overview of how we are doing in all areas.

How does EXACT help educate patients about their treatment?

Patients often don’t understand the treatment they require. EXACT allows me to show them any problems I find by generating an intra-oral image and displaying this on a chairside screen. So whilst patients may not understand about dentistry, they can see if a tooth is damaged or something doesn’t look right. After treatment is completed I can show them ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures side by side, so they can see clearly what has been achieved. I believe this increases patients’ trust in my work and makes it a very transparent process.

How does EXACT help communication between the surgery and the front desk team?

We use a feature called Quick Notes that allows us to send messages between any of our computers. It is extremely useful for sending brief messages to and from reception, for example, if they need to tell me that a patient is running late or is unable to attend. This really helps with overall time management.

Do you use EXACT’s automated recall system?

Yes and it’s amazing! EXACT automatically sends out recalls on a daily basis via whichever method the patient prefers, be that text message, email or letter. The automation has completely revolutionised the work completed by my reception team, who are now able to focus on delivering great patient care.The automated recall system has really helped our dental practice to run more efficiently and allows me to concentrate on my clinical work without the worry of whether recalls are being sent.

Do you have an online booking system?

Yes. At first I was a bit apprehensive about having online booking as I felt we might lose control of our appointment book. However, this is not the case and in fact we have complete control over our appointment scheduling. We can decide which appointments we make available for online booking and which specific dates and times of the day. Patients really like this facility and I think it helps us portray a modern forward thinking image.

Over the past 14 years how has Software of Excellence helped your practice develop as a business?

Software of Excellence has been a real influence on my business over the last 14 years. They have continually introduced new clinical and administrative features into the EXACT software, which has meant their software is constantly evolving and helping to drive my business forward. Their latest innovations such as automated recalls and workflow management are proof of this. SoE has always had an excellent customer support team. If we have a query about EXACT, or we do not know how to do a specific task, we simply call their support desk and always receive help and advice on how to solve the problem. Their team is very quick and knowledgeable meaning we experience minimal practice ‘down-time’.

How has EXACT impacted on your business?

From a personal point of view, as a clinician EXACT gives me the time and confidence to concentrate on dentistry - which is ultimately what I really want to do. But it has also had a very positive impact on treatment planning and treatment acceptance, which of course is great for business. Finally I would say that EXACT has enabled the whole administration side of the dental practice to run more efficiently and as a result is generating more new and returning patients and keeping my appointment book full.


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